October 13 2017

What do the flags mean? In 2016 MEPACON launched a new system to help board game and card game players connect at the convention. Using bright yellow flags, game masters for organized play or players of pick-up or play-to-win games can signal each other if they have an open seat.

How should I use a flag? If you are running a game or have an open seat at your table for pick-up or play-to-win game, then simply grab a flag from one of the MEPACON volunteers and place it on your table. Once you have reached the number of players you wish or are preparing to start the game, simply return it to a MEPACON volunteer.

What does a flag mean? As a player, a flag means there is an open seat at a table and you are being welcomed to participate in the game they are about to play.

  • Keep in mind proper etiquette before sitting down.
  • Don’t join a game you don’t have the time to finish
  • Do bring a positive attitude to the game
  • Don’t interrupt when someone is teaching the game and be sure to pay attention while the rules are explained (stay off your phone)
  • Do offer to help teach the game if no one at the table has played before

The yellow MEPACON flags are there to help players, but you do not have to use them. If you have any questions about the flags or how to use them, feel free to contact the staff through Facebook or ask a volunteer at the show.