November 12 2017

Welcome new players and GMs as well as our returning gamers to Mepacon 33! I’m going to start by giving you a little information on some things that will be going on this weekend. Always remember to follow our Code of Conduct, which can be summed up in general as Don’t be a Jerk. If, at any time, you are in need of assistance, find a staff member. You can identify us by shirts like these and badges like these. There is almost always a staff member or volunteer at the registration desk in the second floor lobby or the retail desk in our vendor room. Our vendor room can be found through Casey Ballroom A.

Speaking of vendors, we’d like to welcome a number of new and returning vendors: The Portal, Mepacon Retail, Mancrafting, The Keep, Quigley’s Cakes, Dice Dungeon, Broken Archer, Make Time for Kids, and our Special Guests, Brendan LeSalle and Taylor Fischer. Make sure you check out all of our vendors this weekend.

At our Mepacon retail table, you can get this year’s T-shirt, as well as previous years, and some other cool items. Please go check it out!

The Vendor Area will be open until 9pm. Some vendors may choose to stay open after that, but the game rooms will be locked at midnight. All midnight games will take place in open areas. Speaking of open areas, please don’t leave your stuff (or your kids) unattended. All kids ten and under must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. All kids 11 and 12 must have a responsible adult on the same floor. All kids 13 through 16 must have a responsible adult on the premises. (I know that may be hard to find around here, but… we can pretend.)

I’m sure you’ve figured out where game sign-ups are by now, but if not, all of our open play sign-ups are in the second floor lobby and the open play games can primarily be found in the Steamtown Ballroom, which you can access through the vendor area. Once a location has been assigned for a game, it will be written on the event sheet. For Living Campaigns, sign-ups are on the walls in the rooms for each game. Pathfinder Society is in Casey B, just past the vendor area, and LARPs will be in Casey C past that. All other Living Campaigns are past the elevators.

Check out the Games Library and Play to Win Games which can be found in the back of the Steamtown Ballroom. Look for these flags to note games which are looking for players. Last check out for games library is 10pm. Play to Win winners will be selected on Sunday morning.

If you’re looking for a place to eat tomorrow, there are menus in the second floor lobby. Be sure to give your name, phone number, ballroom name, and table number when ordering! If you don’t, we’ll be happy to share the food you paid for with the staff. Please feel free to use the tables in the first floor lobby to eat.

There is a door prize for each day! If you win, we’ll find you and hand you a large stack of games.

The lost and found is located at the Mepacon Registration Desk on the second floor. So far, we’ve collected a wallet and a mini. Anything left behind after 6pm on Sunday becomes property of Mepacon. If you have suggestions, feel free to share them at If you want to have a digital copy of our program, check out We are bringing back our second is a Silent Auction to benefit our Charity, the Keystone Rescue Mission. Come check it out in the second floor lobby tomorrow!

Tomorrow, at 6pm, there will be a large event taking place in the Steamtown Ballroom. We’ll start with announcing winners from the minis contest, coloring contest, costume contest, and dice guess. We will be accepting entries into the minis contest all day tomorrow, with the winners being announced at 6pm. The cost is $1 per entry. See the registration desk for details. There is also a coloring contest if you attend any Coloring Island Event. There are two coloring contest entry pictures.

If you want to enter the costume contest, stop by the Registration Desk tomorrow to have your picture taken. Pictures will be posted on Facebook, but the winners will be selected by a panel of judges. There will be a 12 and under category and an adult category. Costumes must fit the theme. After the award winners are announced, there will be a raffle. Raffle tickets are 1 for $1, 6 for $5, 12 for $10, and just for you guys, 24 for $20. Tickets can be purchased at the retail desk until 3pm tomorrow.

If you have gaming items to auction, we’ll be accepting them starting tomorrow morning. We are introducing a minimum bid, which will be half the buyout value, rounded to the nearest dollar. To participate in the auction, you’ll need an auction bidder card which will be available at the retail desk tomorrow and when we come around to all the gaming rooms from 3-5. The dice guess jar will be available at the retail desk tomorrow. You can look at it, but you can’t open it! Guesses cost $1 each and the person closest to the actual number of dice wins! All of the proceeds from the dice guess go to charity. We are supporting several animal rescues through item donation only, and we are also accepting donations and raising money for the Keystone Rescue Mission. Item donations are being collected in the main lobby. Usually, Kathy joins us from the Rescue Mission, but since she couldn’t be here today, she asked me to read you a message from her:

Dear Ed, Katie and all of the Mepacon Family and I do mean family. You have been supporting Keystone Mission since 2009. Since then you have donated $6,600 in cash and literally thousands of pounds of food to the needy and homeless of our community. Thank you for the heart you show to those who have great need. – Please visit our table in the lobby and help yourself to a sweet treat. I hope to see you again in the Spring. Until then have a great holiday season.

We hope you will have an amazing weekend and join us for Mepacon 34: Heroes and Villains, right here at the Hilton Scranton Convention Center April 27th-29th. I want to thank all the volunteers and GMs who donate their time to make this event happen, and of course, our staff who work year-round to keep us up and running. I have one last thing to do before I turn it over to our director. I want to introduce you to a few other staff members you may want to know.

Scott, Mike, and Mary - Living Campaigns Melissa - graphic design, including our program Steve – Open gaming assistant and Vendors Ray and Lizz - Retail Dan - photographer Manda and Matt - Play to Win and Games Library Donald - who prints a random selection of badges and is responsible for our registeration program Katie – (That’s me!) Registration and administration Erik – Gaming Coordinator Casey – Assistant Director of Operations Trisha – Assistant Director of Registration The man who makes it all happen: Ed – Director