February 13 2018

As St. Valentine’s Day approaches, we’d like to look at the reasons why we love local gaming conventions.

  • We’re a family. The MEPACON staff considers ourselves a big family. (In some cases, we are related by blood or marriage even if we don’t want to admit it). We see attendees as an extension of that family. We’ve seen kids born and grow up in front of our eyes. We’ve seen marriage proposals and have weathered break-ups together. We pride ourselves on having a family-friendly place where every generation of gamer can have a great time.

  • Get to know your Game Masters (GMs). At MEPACON, we often have repeat offenders. That is, our GMs come back con after con to run games. You get the chance to really know your GMs. You can find someone that matches your play style. We even have some campaigns that have been going on for years (I’m looking at you, Justin). Whether you’re looking to try a brand new game or you’re ready for the long haul, our friendly GMs always make sure you are welcome.

  • No lines. You won’t need to check Twitter to get the status of any lines at MEPACON. All our games are viewable on Warhorn weeks in advance of the con. You can login and join a game to reserve your spot before ever leaving home. We even provide a little schedule inside your badge so you can keep track of where you’re supposed to be. Not able to make a game or find yourself with free time? No problem. We have signup sheets in our registration hall that you can use to change your schedule.

  • We’re local. Are you tired of driving to the Midwest? We might not have all the bling and national attention that some of the larger cons have. But MEPACON is close to many areas on the east coast. We’re within a three-hour drive from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. You can get to Scranton within two hours for half of Pennsylvania (sorry yinzers). So you may not have any epic road warrior stories about driving to MEPACON. At least you’ll be able to spend the last day of the con playing games instead of rushing home to get back in time for work on Monday.

Can you think of a few more reasons why you love MEPACON or other local conventions? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!