April 10 2018

After 17 years (this con) I will be stepping out of the picture and not running MEPACON. Life events have taken precedence and I can’t do both. I’ll be turning the keys over to the Senior Staff to continue the convention.

Thank you all for your support over the years. I wish I could continue but it’s just not in the cards.

Be well all and I hope to see you across the table,

—Ed Lehman

We would now like to introduce you all to the Board of Directors for Mepacon! Instead of having one person running the whole show, we are spreading the responsibilities out across five of us:

Trisha Clay - former Assistant Director, now Director of Registration

Donald Kichline - former Technology Coordinator, now Director of Technology

Erik Zane - former Gaming Czar, now Director of Gaming

Katie Zane - former Administrator, now Director of Outreach

Lance Fox - former Volunteer, now Director of Morale

Over the next two weeks, stay tuned for biographies of each of your new Directors! We look forward to working with you all to keep this amazing convention going!