Frequently Asked Questions

What are “tickets”?

Tickets are how you sign up for events. At this time, all tickets are free. The difference is that instead of “signing up” for events on Warhorn, you now “buy” tickets to events on You will still be able to sign up on paper at the convention as always.

When “purchasing” tickets, remember to click “Check out” even though you don’t have to pay!

How do I get a badge?

If you’re a player, follow these view our tutorial video or a written pdf for a tutorial.

GMs: Once you have signed up for 12 hours of games, we will create your badge. You will receive an automated email from when this has happened. Please check the email you used to sign up for!

Can I buy a badge at the door?

Yes! But you can also pre-purchase badges for the whole weekend or individual days. There is a great discount if buy the badge ahead of time.

Still have questions? Email us at

Shirt Preorder

Remember to preorder your t-shirt. Some shirts will be available at retail during the convention, but this will ensure you can get one in your size. Order at

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