Special Events


Every Saturday we hold an auction for MEPACON attendees. This is your chance to pick up a great deal or to earn some extra money selling off your old gaming related items. The auction items will be available for viewing from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday. The auction runs from 6:15 - 7:30 pm.

Learn how to participate in the auction on our full details page.

Raffle: Tricky Tray

Prices: 1 ticket for $1, 6 tickets for $5, 12 tickets for $10, 18 tickets for $15, 24 tickets for $20!


  • Buy tickets anytime on Friday or Saturday until 5:00 pm to place tickets in containers for each of the raffle items.
  • Write your badge number on the ticket placed in the containers.
  • Raffle item winners will be chosen after the auction. At that time, all winning tickets will be taped to the top of the containers.
  • Check your ticket numbers before noon on Sunday.

You MUST have your ticket to claim your item. You MUST pick up your items by noon on Sunday or you forfeit the win.

Play to Win

Mepacon features dozens of games at our Play to Win section. Attendees can choose any game from the table. After finishing the game, they write their name and phone number on the sign up sheet inside. On Sunday, staff will choose one random player to win the copy of the game. Learn more at our Play to Win page.

Games Library

The Mepacon games library includes over 100 games ranging from short, two-players to epic cooperatives. If you’re looking for a game to fill in time or missed a gaming slot, you can stop by the game library. Just sign out the game and ask staff for an assigned table. Staff and volunteers are also available to help teach games.

Costume Contest

This con’s theme is “Anime and Animation”. Attendees in costume should report to the Registration desk to get their picture taken. Contest entries must be related to the convention theme and will be voted upon by a panel of judges. There are two categories: Children (16 years of age & under) and Adults (17+). Winners receive a free convention t-shirt!

Coloring Island

The coloring corner is specially designed for kids and those young at heart. A table in the main game area has been set aside. Coloring books, sheets, crayons, markers and pencils will all be provided. Participants can even enter for a chance to win the coloring contest!

Miniatures Contest

Be sure to bring in all your best painted miniatures for the contest. Price is $1 per entry. Categories include: Under age 15, Small Fantasy, Large Fantasy, Small Sci-fi, Large Sci-fi, and Diorama/Unit. The diorama/unit must have a base to qualify. There must be a minimum of 3 miniatures entered in each contest in order for a winner to be chosen. Winners will receive a gift voucher from one of our vendors.


MEPACON holds a dice guess each convention with proceeds going towards our featured charity. More information will be available closer to the con.


Each convention we feature a puzzle related to our theme. Come help finish the puzzle and win a chance to take it home.

Full Weekend Friday Only Saturday Only Sunday Only
Price $50
($55 at the door)
$25 $35 $15
We have so much to offer
All three days of gaming
One day of gaming
Play in our LARPS
Access to vendor floor
Full use of game library
Play To Win games
Entry into Saturday auction
Enter and win raffle prizes

Our Vendors

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