• Games for all types of adventures

  • Dozens of paper and pencil RPGs

  • Board games for the entire family

  • Sci-fi, fantasy and historical miniature games

Time until the next con

May 15-17, 2020 | Online

MEPACON 38 In-Person Event Cancelled. Join us online!

It’s with a heavy heart that we must cancel the in-person event that was MEPACON 38, but join us May 15-17 for a virtual MEPACON that will include all your favorite GMs, players and games.

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Want to help out with our free online event?

If you would like to donate some money to MEPACON to fund out free online event, we appreciate it! If we raise more money than we need, all proceeds will be invested into bring you an even better event in the Fall or donated to local charities.

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See what MEPACON is all about

About Mepacon

Over two-hundred hours of gaming in Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania with the premier meet-up of gamers of all stripes. From dedicated role-playing fans to the casual board game player, MEPACON delivers multiple tracts of entertainment for all ages. Experience three-days of jam packed entertainment with hosted gaming sessions, play to win, game library, auction of new and vintage games, miniature painting and costume contests and access to the latest and greatest games provided by on site vendors.

If you’ve attended MEPACON in the past, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please use our form at www.mepacon.com/feedback. Tell us what you think can improve the convention.

Rules and Policies

MEPACON is dedicated to having a fun and fair convention. We urge you to please read our Rules and Code of Conduct before attending.

About the Hotel

Mount Laurel Resort and Spa is located at 81 Treetops Circle, White Haven, PA, 18661. It includes free parking. Book online with the room code “mepaconapril2020” for a discounted room cost.

Please note that cancellations with the hotel are required at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event.


The Spring 2020 convention theme is Anime and Animation. Please see our Special Events page for more information about the Costume Contest.


Pre-paid badges are available now.

Game submission for GMs is open from December 16, 2019 until March 27, 2020.

Player ticket sales will open March 3rd, 2020. Player registration and ticket sales will close on April 17, 2020.

Full refunds will be available up until 11:59 on April 17, 2020. Please contact admin@mepacon.com with any registration questions.

Vendor registration runs from January 6th to February 18th.

What types of games are there?

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • RPGs
  • LARP
  • Miniatures

Check out our gaming schedule

MEPACON runs three days: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On site Registration and Badge pickup starts at noon on Friday.

Game Hours

  • Friday: 2 p.m. - 2 a.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. - 2 a.m.
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

All days include board games, card games, roleplaying games (RPGs), Artemis, live action roleplaying games (LARP), miniature games, and kids games.

Meet Our Guests

Team image 1
Brendan LaSalle
Past Guest
Brendan J. LaSalle has been writing and publishing in the game industry since 2001. He has written for Goodman Games, Fat Dragon Games, Troll Lord’s Games, Pandahead Publishing, and Hand Made Games. He has many adventures and source books, including the award winning Age of Cthulhu: A Dream of Japan, as well as several Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure modules. He is the creator of Xcrawl, which is about to be reintroduced in its new edition. He lives in Salem, MA, with his wife, dog, and cat.
Team image 3
Dan Hundycz
Past Guest
Dan has been the head of DPH Games since 2013. A retired counselor, he was the lead designer on their games Cache Me If You Can! (geocaching), Zombie Apocalypse Geocaching (expansion), Superhero Geocaching (expansion), Psychological Warfare, CATS a sad but necessary cycle of violent predatory behavior and Affliction: Salem 1692. DPH Games Inc. is going strong and hopes to release two more games in the future; Legacy at Sea and Yokai Hunters.

More than Just Gaming

Vendor Floor

MEPACON features a great vendor section all three days. Our vendors offer items for all your gaming needs: Board and card games; roleplaying books, supplies and dice; geeky crafts and clothing; gamer-themed cupcakes; And more.

Main Event

On Saturday at 6pm, we offer the MEPACON Main Event! We announce the winners of our costume, miniatures, and coloring contests, as well as the winner of our charity dice guess! And we have a live auction! For more information, see our Special Events Page.

Our Vendors

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If you'd like to attend our convention, visit our Tabletop.events site to register and view a listing of the games.