Registration for MEPACON

Game Master (GM) Registration

GM Registration is now live. To run a game at Mepacon, follow this process:

  • Fill out the Submit Events form.
  • If you are running less than 12 hours, you must buy a badge from Tabletop.Events.
  • If you register to run 12 hours (or more) of games, you qualify for free admission and a t-shirt.
  • You will receive an email from TableTop.Events after your events have been approved.

If you are GM for a Living Campaign your Track Lead is: GHR: Scott –; Adventurer’s League: Mike – or for other questions:

Player Registration

Player early bird registration is now open. To attend Mepacon, follow this process:

MEPACON is dedicated to creating a fun gaming environment for everyone. All attendees are expected to follow the Rules and Policies and COVID-19 Policy.

Vendor Registration

If you are interested in coming to Mepacon as a vendor, follow this process:

  • Fill out our Vendor Interest Form.
  • MEPACON staff will contact you, most likely from Be sure to check your spam filter.

Shirt Preorder

Our Vendors

  • The Portal
  • RatTrap Productions
  • Geiger Archer Books
  • Clear the Decks
  • Bad Kerning Games