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Registration for MEPACON

We miss our gaming family, and since we can’t have in-person conventions right now, we’re going to keep doing what we can to bring gaming to you. We’ll be doing virtual game days every once in a while to make that happen.

How can I sign up to play?

Just like with our physical convention, you get Tickets through TableTop.Events for each game you want to play. First, you’ll need a badge for the virtual convention.

How will it work?

Attendees can join games run by GMs through a variety of online software including Discord, TableTop Simulator, Roll 20, Tabletopia, and others. The software used for each game will be determined by the game’s GM.

Each game will have its own channel in the MEPACON Discord. Discord is a text and voice chat software that you can use on your computer or smartphone. It’ll allow staff, GMs and attendees to talk before and during the convention. Under each game listing, there is a link to the Voice Channel and Text Channel for each game.

Join the MEPACON Discord Server!

Here are some tips on how to use the Discord server for online conventions!

What is the schedule?

MEPACON is continuing to use TableTop Events, just like during our physical conventions. You can view all the games that are being run on the Game Schedule.

How can I run a game?

You can sign up to run games by using the Submit an Event button at our TableTop Events page. Game submissions will be accepted until October 31st. Just like at physical conventions where you bring the written adventure or board game, what online system the game uses will be up to you as the GM.

When submitting a game, please tell us what system you intend to use - i.e. TableTop Simulator, Roll 20, etc. in the description field. This will help players know what you are expecting before game time.

How will I play online?

Each GM will run their game differently, but you can find out about your specific games by reading the description on TableTop.Events and by visiting the designated Discord channel. MEPACON staff is working hard to connect players and GMs so you can play all weekend like you would at our physical convention. We encourage you to reach out to your GM with any questions about the technology that will be used.

Do I need to buy a bunch of software?

For many of the online systems our GMs are using, there are free player or demo versions that you can use. If there is any software required to purchase, we will try to mention it in the game description so you will know before you choose to play the game.

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