Registration for MEPACON

Ticket sales for early-bird badge purchasers and Patreon patrons of the appropriate tiers will open at noon on April 30, 2024. Ticket sales for all other badge holders will open at noon on September 13, 2024.

Player Registration

To attend Mepacon, follow this process:

MEPACON is dedicated to creating a fun gaming environment for everyone. All attendees are expected to follow the Rules and Policies.

Game Master (GM) Registration

To run a game at Mepacon, follow this process:

  • Fill out the Submit Events form on TableTop.Events.
  • If you are running less than 12 hours, you must buy a badge from Tabletop.Events.
  • If you register to run 12 hours (or more) of games, you qualify for free admission and a t-shirt.Your badge will be created for you once your events have been approved.
  • You will receive an email from TableTop.Events after your events have been approved.
  • Remember to check your badge after approval. A blue banner indicating “You have unclaimed free merch with this badge!” will appear. You need to fill this out to reserve your t-shirt size. If you do not reserve your size, we cannot guarentee we will have it available at the convention.

If you are GM for a Living Campaign your Track Lead is: GHR: Jay – jstypi4965@aol com; Adventurer’s League: Al –, PFS/SFS: Jason - or for other gaming related questions:

Vendor Registration

If you are interested in coming to Mepacon as a vendor, follow this process:

Shirt Preorder

Remember to preorder your t-shirt. Some shirts will be available at retail during the convention, but this will ensure you can get one in your size. Order at

Our Vendors