MEPACON offers more than two-hundred hours of gaming over three days. The convention is held twice a year in Spring and Fall. There are two ways to register for the convention.

Players can register before the convention in order to recieve a discount on the door price. MEPACON uses as our registration system. Registering also lets you sign up ahead of time for specific games. Some of our games, like our LARPS, fill up fast and this is your chance to get in before they are full. lets you add your friends and gift them tickets, so you can be sure to all get into games together.

Game Masters (GMs) can register to run games for the convention. We are always looking for GMs to run games at our convention. GMs who run 12 or more hours of games are eligible for a free badge and a T-shirt.

Player and GM Registration is now open at!

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, fill out our Vendor Registration form.

Full Weekend Friday Only Saturday Only Sunday Only
Price $50
($55 at the door)
$25 $35 $15
We have so much to offer
All three days of gaming
One day of gaming
Play in our LARPS
Access to vendor floor
Full use of game library
Play To Win games
Entry into Saturday auction
Enter and win raffle prizes

Our Vendors

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